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The company under the corporate name “TURN KEY ΜΟΝΟΠΡΟΣΩΠΗ ΙΚΕ” with registered office LEOF. KIFISIAS 125 – 127, P.C. 11524, (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), created and manages the website https://turnkeyinvestments.gr/ (hereinafter referred to as the “website”). The website is governed by these Terms of Use, which are applicable as they stand, without the possibility of modification by users. Accessing the website and using its content and services implies the unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use. Therefore, users who disagree with these Terms of Use are kindly requested to not use the website.

1. Intellectual Property  

The whole content of the website, including information, services, distinctive titles, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, etc. is intellectual property of the Company and is protected by Greek and Union copyright and industrial property legislation and the relevant international conventions. Similarly, the name, images, logos and distinctive features that appear and refer to this website, the use of its trademark or its products or services, are assets of our Company and they are protected by the relevant trademark legislation. Their appearance and display on this website does not in any way imply the transfer, licensing or granting of the right to use them.

2. Obligations of Users

As users of our website, you are obliged to respect these Terms of Use as well as the good morals and all the rules provided by the Greek, Union and international legislation. In case of violation of the following obligations, users are obliged to compensate us for any damage caused by this violation.  More specifically, the users of our website are obliged to:

  • Use its content in such a way that the rights of third parties (individual and social rights) are not violated, their personality is not violated or their privacy is not violated and in any case not contrary to the law and good faith and fair dealing, 
  • Do not mislead anyone as to the origin of the content of the website and do not damage in any way the reputation of the Company.
  • Do not install, promote, and/or distribute any content that contains viruses or any other electronic code, files, or programs designed to interfere with, corrupt, or restrict the operation of any software in order to prevent the use of the website by other users. 

3. “Request a call back”

In case you wish to contact the specialized advisors of our Company you may fill in the relevant field your phone number and after accepting the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, our advisors will call you to discuss the issue that concerns you. 

4. Contact Form.

In case you wish to use the contact form in order to contact us for any requests, questions, clarifications, complaints, etc., you must fill in the relevant fields with your name, email, relevant message and accept these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

5. Privacy Policy

We collect and process your personal data during your visit to this website in accordance with national and Union legislation on personal data protection and in particular with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), L. 4624/2019 as well as with the Decisions and Instructions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. For more information regarding the collection and processing of your personal data you may refer to the Privacy Policy, which is posted on this website.

6. Cookies Policy

While browsing our website, some necessary information related to its traffic may be collected, such as the web protocol address (IP address) and the type of browser used by the user, etc. For more information on the use of cookies on the website, you may refer to the Cookies Policy.

7. Disclaimer  – Dispute Resolution

We take the appropriate and necessary measures so that our website is a secure browsing environment for you, providing you with valid, reliable and up-to-date information. However, the users are fully responsible for the evaluation of the validity of the website’s content, whether or not this information is provided by our Company or by a third party. Therefore, we are not bound and we are not responsible for any risk or damage (incidental/consequential) that you may suffer from the use of the content of this website.

These Terms of Use are governed by Greek law. In case of any dispute with a user of this website, our Company  will seek to contact the user in order to settle it in an amicable manner. However, in case of judicial settlement of disputes, the Courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

8. Changes on this website

The Company reserves the right to unilaterally and at any time modify these Terms of Use, in the framework of complying with the legislation, upgrading its operations and optimizing the services of the website. 

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