Our services combine practical industry knowledge to help clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities and potential investments.

Greek Golden Visas

We help to facilitate the process of obtaining a Greek Golden Visa (GGV) by simplifying the complicated processes that go with it.


We have in-house accounting services to make sure all of your financial affairs are in order.


We have a range of investments to suit your needs

Legal Services

Our in-house legal team ensure all transactions are legally compliant to the laws of Greece.

Maintenance Contracts

Our building and renovation team are available for contract jobs as well as emergency call-outs to ensure your property remains in a good working order.

Management Services

We are able manage your investment property for you by renting it out. This can be either a long-term rental or a short-term let (a small fee will be applied).

Banking Services

We have a relationship with the four leading banks in Greece, we can make an early introduction to help you with your banking needs.

Insurance Services

We have preferred insurance partners who can provide necessary cover for life, health, medical, and motor insurance.

Relocation Services

Our client services team can offer you practical advice about the area you plan to move to. This service includes finding you the best schools, healthcare and even your local hairdressers.

Global Moving Services

We work with industry professionals to help you seamlessly move in to your new life and home.

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