Greek Golden Visa (GGV) FAQ’s

All you need to know about European residency by investment and other questions that you may have.

What countries can I travel to with a Greek Golden Visa?

If you hold a Greek Golden Visa, Greece introduced the law No 4251/2014 that allows citizens from any non-European countries to acquire a European residence permit by investment, granting them free movement to travel within the Schengen Zone (26 countries).

Am I eligible for it?

Αll non-European citizens are eligible to apply for a Golden Visa, as long as the main applicant is over 18 years old and the total investment is no less than 250,000 Euros.

Is the Greek Golden Visa for Families?

Yes Children under 21 years of age, parents, spouse or partner with a co-habitation agreement (concluded in Greece) and in-laws of the main investor can benefit from the same investment of 250,000 Euros and above.

Can I stay in Greece?

As soon as the permanent residence permit is issued, investors and their families have the option to live in Greece and travel freely to any other European Schengen countries if they wish to do so. This freedom of choice and movement makes the Greek Golden Visa (GGV) an exceptionally powerful and useful tool when building one’s future.

Is a Greek Golden Visa (GGV) an investment?

The Greek Golden Visa (GGV) is primarily an investment opportunity therefore, the fast return on investment is important. The favourable terms of the scheme combined with the fast-growing Greek economy, provide reliable return on investment as well as lucrative options to re-sell at a higher price in the future. This is due to the Greek Economy currently bouncing back from a 10-year recession.

Do I have any extra benefits with my Visa?

Of course you can expect the benefits of the followings.


  • History and culture
  • Healthcare
  • Safety
  • The famous Greek Weather
  • Better and free education for your kids
  • Entertainment
  • Greek diet
  • The Greek culture
How long does it take to get a Greek Golden Visa (GGV)?
      It takes approximately 2 months to get a (GGV)

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